Welcome to my website. I’m an international development/ICT4D professional, UX/UI designer, author and artist based in New York, and with frequent travel worldwide. In my time with institutions including the United Nations, I’ve been fortunate to work, live, study and travel to 20+ countries in four continents. My debut novel, The Paths of Marriage, has been recognized around the world as a message of equality. My articles and Op-Eds have been featured on major global publications.

I specialize in UX, UI and user/human-centered design for international development digital tools. As of December 2017, I am splitting my time between the ICT4D and software development company, Sonjara, Inc., and UNICEF. I’m always interested in hearing about unique projects; feel free to get in touch through email or social media if you have an idea or opportunity for which you think I would be a good fit.

A lot of people ask how I got into ICT4D. Click here to read about the evolution of the industry, my career, and the parallels to modern-day America.

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