Welcome to my website. I’m an international development/ICT4D professional, UX/UI designer, author and artist based out of New York City. In my time with institutions including the United Nations, I’ve been fortunate to work, live, study and travel to 20+ countries in four continents. My debut novel, The Paths of Marriage, has been sold worldwide and recognized as a message of equality. My articles and Op-Eds have been featured on major global publications.

I specialize in UX, UI and user/human-centered design for international development digital tools. I am currently looking for a full-time job in ICT4D, UX research/design, CSR, marketing, communications, digital media or policy, and am also available for part-time consulting, writing and project management work.  Though my home base is New York City, I am willing to relocate most anywhere in the world if the job is right. Please feel free to get in touch through email or social media if you have a professional opportunity for which you think I would be a good fit.

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