Support Hillary, Defeat Donald

The Idea

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, we should all agree that a Trump presidency would be disastrous for our country and the entire world. Mathematically speaking, the only way to avoid said disaster is to vote the Clinton/Kaine ticket into The White House.

With such a contentious and fractured election, and with a high number of people deterred from voting at all, finding the right argument to convince your family, friends, peers and colleagues how imperative it is to put Hillary in The White House and keep Donald out can be daunting and exhausting. Need help convincing your friends not to vote for a third party candidate, like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein? Need help convincing your Trump-loving family? Need help convincing your disillusioned peers to come out and vote?

I’m here to help! And for free!


How It Works

  1. Email me or refer someone you know to me.
  2. Together, we work out a strategy that includes:- What person or what group in your life needs convincing
    – The method of approach (face-to-face, email/letter, social media, phone, etc.)
    – The style of approach (friendly, conversation, formal, emotional, satire, etc.)
  3. I pull together and/or create the necessary resources, including fact sheets, articles, or even original stories, anecdotes, illustrative analogies, hypotheticals, etc.
  4. I send you all the materials and, if needed, a brief action plan.
  5. I stay available for follow-up conversations when necessary.



  • I will never advocate, push or condone anyone to do anything they feel will endanger or threaten their own or anyone else’s safety.
  • I will not speak on behalf of anyone, nor will I directly approach anyone to make the argument myself. The point of this service is to find the necessary tools and knowledge to help people make their own arguments.
  • I will not disclose in any form the identity of who contacts me and/or anyone involved.
  • No insulting, threatening, harassing, or discriminatory arguments, tactics or approaches will be used, advocated or tolerated.
  • I will not engage in anyone or anything trying to persuade, threaten or harass me into changing my vote away from the Clinton/Kaine ticket.
  • I assume no liability or ownership for the outcome or anything that results, even if it’s good.

Ready to get started? Email me.


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Disclaimer: Neither this effort nor I are officially affiliated with the Hillary Clinton or the Clinton/Kaine campaign in any way. This is strictly my own doing as a private US citizen.