Digital Art

Random sampling of digital art I have created over the years. Derivative works were not for commercial use.​

Various icons I’ve designed. Made with Sketch.
Me in Paris, 2011. Two pictures superimposed with gold color vectors on three sides. Made with Gimp.
Animated gif of a Ghana DHS/MIS malaria indicator. Made with Tableau and Gimp. Click on the picture to see the animation.


Poster for my book, The Paths of MarriageMade with Gimp. (Book made with Word.)

Note – I did not make the book cover.

Fake newspaper for a fake app for a fake company as part of Art-A-Hack 2016. Made with Photoshop.
 Business card for a friend. Made with Gimp.
  For a friend’s birthday, I made a series of pictures using common Virginia Tech football slogans that I translated into French. Made with Gimp.
Sarcastic meme. Made with Gimp and snark.