UX, ICT4D and Data Visualization Portfolio

I specialize in UX, UI and user/human-centered design for international development digital tools, and am actively seeking new job opportunities. Feel free to email me if you have a professional opportunity for which I am a good fit.

A lot of people ask how I got into ICT4D. Click here to read about the evolution of the industry, my career, and the parallels to modern-day America.

By nature, my career is cross-disciplinary. To help understand what my work has entailed, below is graph of selected jobs by function. My work is in both English and French.


Highlights of UX/UI/Web Work

Wireframe of near final version (September 2017)

I was consulted by The Bassiouni Group in NYC for a project with UNICEF Innocenti, the research arm of UNICEF. In this role, I designed the digital, browser-based version of an evidence gapmap on adolescent wellbeing. This entailed all of the UX and UI of the design, including user research and testing, taxonomy, information architecture and prototyping of both the front and back-ends. I was also responsible for working with the software development firm in a project management capacity to help them develop, implement and deploy the tool.

UX Design Portfolio Piece

Completed: September 2017

Wireframe of Senegal Dashboard (March 2017)
As one of the in-country team members for three mission trips to Ghana and Kenya, I worked on data visualization and building a better user experience for the online tools for The Accelerate Project, which is a five-year USAID project to help USAID country offices think about their child and maternal health programs using behavior change as the basis of their decision making. The project is ongoing.

Data Visualization and UX Design Portfolio Piece

Homepage_LGBTQIUNstaff(High-fidelity wireframe as of
8 April 2016)

LGBTI UN Staff Rights Platform

I am currently designing a browser-based software, which is the digital mapping component of a project that is defining standards of best practices for LGBTI UN staff rights, and is in collaboration with UN-Globe and Fordham Law School. As a co-creator of the project, I am using my cross-disciplinary knowledge in international development and technology to define the taxonomy, information architecture, visual design and all other UX/UI decisions of the front-end and back-end of both the desktop and mobile versions of the software.

Estimated Completion: late 2018

UX Design Portfolio Piece | View prototype in InVision

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Superficial/Substantive Tech

As part of Art-A-Hack’s summer 2016 session, I led a project team examining “superficial” and “substantive” uses of technology. Our team of four created an experience using an original, interactive virtual reality scene, an app prototype, a pitch deck and several supporting documents around a fake, satirical company called Pump It Up!. Click here to read more about the project.

App prototype:

Download the Sketch .zip file | View in InVision

ARC screenshot

African Risk Capacity

My role as a Programme Officer of the African Risk Capacity of the UN World Food Programme and African Union partially entailed the creation and maintenance of all content of the information website. This entailed determining the information architecture, visual design, and UX/UI of the site. In addition, I created and monitored the analytics and social media accounts. As part of the ARC technical team and working closely with the Johannesburg-based governance team, my intimate understanding of the methodologies and institutional design of the project directly informed the all aspects of the design. In its first year since the April 2012 launch, the website had more then 4,500 unique visits in 90+ countries, a large accomplishment given the nascent stage of the project and the niche nature of the work.

Click here to view a PDF the site as of June 2013.


Hindu Center of Virginia

As web content manager of the first ever comprehensive HCV website, I edited and organized all existing web content as well as liaised with 10+ people to establish a written record of the 24-year old organization. Working with developers in India, I played an integral part in designing the layout and overall aesthetic of the new site templates, as well as created the sitemap. The site is one of the first of its kind – a fully customized, comprehensive Hindu temple website targeted at a primarily US-based audience.

The original site can be viewed here.

MSK Artwork

Since 2009, I have maintained my self-created and designed art website. The site showcases my pieces in four style portfolios (plus one for photography). All pieces are based on my work, travel and studies around the world or from pictures of friends. Please visit the store page to order prints.


International Development Experience

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